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SJCAM A10 Body Camera Black

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Brand: SJCAM / SKU: 316708 / Mfr: AP_SJCAM_A10_BODY_BLACK / EAN: 6970080833314

SJCAM A10 Body Camera Description


Complete protection from dust, rain water or water projected by a nozzle against enclosure from any direction. It can be protected from the damage caused by working environment.


The A10 BodyCam is designed with law-enforcement people in mind. It is another layer of defense, and a deterrent for offenders which give officers of the law a better handle of situations.


A10 wearable camera can be used as car DVR as well, it can cover 3 lanes by its 140° lens to capture all situations, and protect your car under parking by its function of motion detection.

[Laser positioning]

With infrared laser light, it can fix poisitioning accurately and easily, reducing the redundant operation of installing camera and focusing.


A10 has good performance of long battery life due to 2650mAh Li-ion battery and low power consumption feature.


One main microphone for picking up target voice, and another is the background sound pickup microphone, which installed at the side of camera. These two signals are input microphone processor, and the internal software will reduce the noise, making the voice to be clear.

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