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Samsung Freestyle projector Description

The new Samsung Freestyle is a portable projector capable of projecting video from 30 inches to 100 inches. It offers access to the very same UI and apps as any of the company’s other 2022 smart TVs, but that’s pretty much where the similarities to a traditional TV end.

Weighing 830 grams, the Freestyle is designed for portability. “It's about the same weight as a coconut or cauliflower,” Samsung Senior Director of Lifestyle TV Product Marketing Stephen Coppola told me recently. The projector can be powered via USB-C from a wall plug or external battery pack.

The Freestyle can be angled to use any free wall space as a screen, including the ceiling. It automatically calibrates the image to keep it in focus, level it and keystone it. “This is the magical feature on this device,” Coppola said.

The projector ships with a modified smart TV remote, but can also be controlled with voice commands via a far-field microphone after a voice assistant (Google, Alexa or Bixby) has been enabled.

The Freestyle ships with a lens cap that turns it into an ambient light projector, which is a pretty ingenious way of using a TV-like device for something that’s definitely not at all like a TV.

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