Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S5420 Black

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Key features:

  • Shaving Performance
  • Shaving system:
  • MultiPrecision Blade System
Brand: Philips / SKU: 300596 / Mfr: AP_Philips_S5420 / EAN: 8710103746515

Philips AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver S5420 Description

The Aquatouch shaver protects your skin while you enjoy a refreshing shave. ComfortCut Blade System with rounded profile heads glides smoothly across, and they are designed to protect your skin.

Wet or Dry, Protective Shave
Protects 10X better versus a regular blade
  • MultiPrecision Blade System
  • 45 min cordless use/1h charge
  • SmartClick precision trimmer
Rounded profile of heads designed to protect skin
Shave close without nicks and cuts. Our ComfortCut Blade System with rounded head profile glide smoothly across, while protecting your skin.

Get a comfortable dry or refreshing wet shave with Aquatec
Choose how you prefer to shave. With the Aquatec Wet and Dry seal, you can opt for a quick yet comfortable dry shave. Or you can shave wet—with gel or foam—even under the shower.

Blades raise then cut long and short hairs for a fast shave
Get a shave that’s fast and close. Our MultiPrecision Blade System raises and cuts all hairs and remaining stubble—all in a few strokes.

Heads flex in 5 directions for a fast, close shave
5-direction Flex Heads with 5 independent movements ensure close skin contact for a fast and close shave even on the neck and jaw line.

Click-on trimmer for perfect moustache and sideburn trimming
Click on our skin-friendly precision trimmer to finish your look. It’s ideal for maintaining your moustache and trimming your sideburns.

45 minutes of cordless shaving
You'll have 45+ minutes of running time —that's about 15 shaves—on a one-hour charge. This shaver only operates in cordless mode.

1-hour charging time
Shave longer with every charge, thanks to our powerful energy-efficient, long-lasting lithium-ion battery. Do a quick charge for 5 minutes and you will have enough power for one shave.

1-level battery and travel lock Indicators
The intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best performance out of your shaver: - 1-level Battery Indicator - Cleaning Indicator - Battery Low Indicator - Replacement Head Indicator - Travel Lock Indicator

Lifts hairs to cut comfortably close
Shave closer with the dual-blade Super Lift and Cut Action. The first blade raises each hair while the second blade comfortably cuts below skin level, for really smooth results.

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Technical Details

  • Shaving Performance
  • Shaving system:
  • MultiPrecision Blade System
  • Super Lift & Cut Action
  • Contour-following:
  • 5-direction Flex Heads
  • Skin comfort:
  • Skin Protection System
  • Aquatec Wet and Dry
  • Design
  • Handle:
  • Ergonomic grip and handling
  • Colour:
  • Neptune Blue - Charcoal Grey
  • Power
  • Automatic voltage:
  • 100-240 V
  • Battery Type:
  • Lithium-ion
  • Run time:
  • 45 min/15 shaves
  • Charging:
  • 1 hour full charge
  • Quick charge 5 min for 1 shave
  • Max power consumption:
  • 9 W
  • Stand-by power:
  • 0.1 W

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  • Excellent.
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