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HOW LONG IS THE SHIPPING TIME? im from Philippines! [Sony Xperia 1 Dual-SIM J9110 - 315984]

HOW LONG IS THE SHIPPING TIME when i order? im from Philippines! thanks!

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Average delivery time frame to PH destination is 3-4 working days via Fedex. 


ok thank you very much for the reply!

why when i pay using devit card it always say error there was an error processing your credit card . please check your details and try again ).. .. i tried like 5 times still error .. can you help me? 


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Hi there, in order for us to assist and investigate further, please send us an email with your details to - Thanks. 

ok ill email you.

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Hello Andrew, 

Can you also call your bank and see if  they are blocking the transaction in any way? Sometimes banks will automatically block high value orders going to overseas merchants. 

yes ill go to the bank tmorow to confirm .. thanks!

Ordered xperia 5 last july 16 and its still in Pasay today .. they said it will be delivered on july 22nd but delayed until 24th .. i hope it wont be delayed again hahaha im so excited!!! 

It's good.

I have a regarding shiping.

What are the issues you faced and how to fix it like following issues.