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No missed calls!? [Sony Ericsson Z710i - 136916]

  • ClarkyJ
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Hey. About a month ago I got a Z710i. Ive recently started to notice that when I get a missed call, flip open my phone and press view. It says 'No missed calls' Except I did have 1/2 missed calls -.-

 Its not recording missed calls, or answered calls? :S Anyone else having this problem, or know a solution?


  • MaggieQ
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I seem to recall having seen other threads about this.  Might be worth using the search facility here to find the solution
Hi there. I have this same phone and problem... This is the third time it has happen to me too. There's a FLAW in the software. Sony knows about it but they wont fix it and send out a software update. They just don't care....... If you call their Tech Support: Sony Ericsson Tech Support 1(866)766-9374 ... They will tell you the ONLY answer is to save all your ringtones, save all your themes, save all the Java applications you may have downloaded, save all your contacts to the SIM and save all your text/picture messages and reset your phone with the "Master Reset" option which will erase everything on your phone and returns it to how it was when it left the factory. This software flaw can happen again at any time and if it does you will have to go through all the same Master Reset steps again.... I think I'm going to go get an IPhone.. At least Apple is fixing their mobile phone errors with updates. Because of this darn Sony software flaw, I had gotten stranded at a train station out in the middle of nowhere. My friend told me to call them when I arrive and they would come to pick me up. But because of this flaw, the phone number was no longer in my call log and I was un-able to locate the phone number that called me earlier to get picked up...... THANKS SONY! THANKS A LOT! I will always remember how Sony's phone got me stranded.

Would it not be you that got yourself stranded for not taking the number down properly???  If I am going to meet someone somewhere I make sure I have their number on my phone, on my PDA and written somewhere safe too!  I like to call it organisation.


Anyhoo, your response is not strictly true.  All you need to do is go in to your call log, delete all calls (dialled, missed, received - there's an option for all) then test it by getting someone to call you.  It should then be working fine.

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