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Note 10+ N9750/DS not compatible with Freedom? [Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Dual-SIM SM-N9750 - 318376]

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Hello everyone,, I just bought a new Note 10 + N9750/DS from ebay. The problem is that I am not able to make and recieve calls on Freedom sim card but I can text and use data. Other SIM Bell) is working perfect.Tried Koodo as well ans that's even working. Is there any specific setting I should be looking for? Talked to customer support and they could not fix it and also got the new sim card from freedom but still same issue. Any help would be highly appreciated. If it's the issue with phone then I can return within few days and get a new pne but if it's with this model, then will just return it and won't buy the same model. Please help as soon as possible.