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OnePlus 7T ideal battery temperature ? [OnePlus 7T Dual-SIM HD1900 - 319798]

So a couple days back I decided to upgrade from my old Xperia Z3 to OnePlus 7T which made a huge difference for me. My Xperia was the first smartphone i ever had used it for 5 years) and well, I didn't take care of it well but still managed to make it survive all these years. The biggest problem I had with that phone was the battery overheating after using it for 5 minutes or so, and I had to live with that problem for 3 years. And when I say an "overheating problem" I really mean it, like my cheeks would physically hurt when I pushed it against them no it's not something i usually do, it was just a way to check if my phone was overheating or not because my fingers would sometimes deceive me).