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Want to Know if your IMEI number is blocked...??? [Nokia N95 - 141579]

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Hi All, Was unsure where to post this, so here it goes in the NOKIA N95 Forum.

I was really trying to find ways to find out if my IMEI number was blocked as I took on a 2nd hand phone. After hours of searching I came across this site, which I wish to share with you guys.I think to some people this will be very useful, as it was for me. Anyway, here goes ...  

Hope this helps some people out!

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hum links to an australian site...wonder if it still works with uk phones? can someone who has been unfortunate enough to get a blocked one check it at all?
  • Stowaway
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Unfortunate one, who has reported phone stolen,and believes phone to have been "blocked" ,reports that said site has IMEI as "active"?


(Didn't cost anything tho')

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