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Pixel 6 support Hong Kong 5G? [Google Pixel 6 5G Dual SIM - 363178]


I would like to know do Google Pixel 6 pro support HK 5G? As your website show HK 5G providers support the 5G band of 6 pro in the product spec, but the bottom page show it didn't. So, would you mind clarify about it?




  • Expansys_HK Staff
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Sorry for the confusion, the Pixel 6 does not support HK 5G networks

  • Yoyoyoyo
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Hey, sorry I don't understand why you're saying pixel 6 doesn't support 5g in Hong Kong. The device specs covers most 5g N channels and csl for example is using N1 N78 N79 N257. These are supported by pixel 6 on the specs. 


Am I missing something please?