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Which version of HomePod? [Apple HomePod - Smart Speaker & Home Assistant - 309278]

Dear Sir/Mdm


I would like to enquirer which version of HomePod is being retailed here.  Is it the US version (with 2 flat pin plug), UK version (wits 3 pin plug) or the EU version (with 2 round pin plug)?  Is the current and voltage universal for us in all parts of the work (i.e. 110V to 240V)?  Thank you.

  • Derek_W Staff
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According to the information from our suppliers, our current stocks of the Apple HomePod is AU version. It does not come with any plug charger but only the HomePod itself and the documentation.

  • ceg
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Hi, may I know if there is a UK version selling in HK now?

  • chaicka
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Is the newer/current stock of HomePod from Hong Kong which has HK/UK 3-pin Plug cause I bought one in Hong Kong and brought it back to Singapore)? I am looking to get a second one to expand for whole-house audio system.

Our stock are coming from different suppliers and are mixed together. I'm afraid we are unable to choose and hand-pick. 
However, you can rest assured that a travel adapter will be included in the package to fit the country of destination. Thank you. 

  • hifive
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may i ask if there is any warranty? if yes, how long and where do i go to for servicing?? thanks