Formuler Z7+ 5G Dual Band WiFi UHD 4K IPTV Media Streamer Black, Quad Core, 2GB DDR4 RAM, 8GB ROM, w/remote

Formuler Z7+ 5G Dual Band WiFi UHD 4K IPTV Media Streamer Featured Accessories

Formuler Z7+ 5G Dual Band WiFi UHD 4K IPTV Media Streamer Description

[4K Ultra HD Streaming Android IPTV Platform]

Containing the newest decoding technologies and Android at its core, the Z7+ 5G will provide customers with years of streaming media enjoyment through various apps including MYTVOnline.

[Smart Learning RCU]

Control your TV's power and source input mode with one remote control.


Dual Internal Antennas for Fully Expanded coverage

Dual-Band WiFI 2.4G/5G: Dual-band gives it the bonus of being able to use the faster 5GHz frequency as well as the longer range 2.4 GHz. Fast Ethernet connection for stable downloads and streaming.

[Multiple viewing possibilities?]

Watch live TV and on-demand content from Terrestrial*, or OTT-IPTV internet sources. Stream content from your Network-attached-storage or directly from USB.

*With optional USB-T Tuner.

[Innovative IPTV Platform MYTVOnline]

The most beautiful, modern and Innovative UX/UI Design Concepts are right here.

Seamless integration with Android system and native player.

[Advanced USB PVR]

USB Recording and Timeshifting

Record and Timeshift the on-screen program simultaneously / Pause and Rewind Live TV

Industry-leading trick-mode playback / Fast-Forward, rewind:x2, x4, x8, x16 speed

[Mobile experience Air Sync Remote Z]

?Turn your smartphone or tablet into a convenient streaming companion. Use your mobile device as a fully functional remote control and TV mirroring screen.

[ - Cast to TV]

Casting to your TV is a simple way to enjoy your apps optimized for the big screen

[ - Wireless Remote]

It's easy to control your TV with your smartphone.

[ - Mirror Controller]

You can use smart phone to watch the TV screen and control it.

[Best decoding technology]

4K HDR, HDR10, HLG, 4K 10-bit 60fps h.265, 4K 10-bit 60fps VP9

[Regular OTA Software Updates]

New features and enhancements are always just around the corner with free and frequent software updates.

Shipping Weight: 0.54kg

Technical Details

  • Output Resolution : 4K (3840 x 2160)
  • CPU : Hisilicon Quad-core 64bit
  • GPU : Multi-core high-performance GPU
  • RAM : 2GB DDR4
  • Storage : 8GB eMMC
  • Operating System : Android 7

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