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Linksys WPS54GU2 - How to set-up!!

Posted: 16:33 10 Aug 04 #1
I start this tread for the reason that the Linksys manual isnt complete!


Here is my solution (It costs me about 2 hours to find out...):
1) Connect the printer directly to your PC. Install the printer drivers / software. 2) Disable all firewalls (WinXP firewall included) and WEP encryptions in your network. 3) Now follow the Quick Installation Guide (Before running the wizard: Connect printer to WPS54GU2. Then connect ethernet cable, one end in your Printer Server and the other end in your router. After that power on the WPS54GU2. If you are planning to use the device wireless I suggest to set a static IP address for the WPS54GU2 which is out of the range of your routers DHCP server. Example: DHCP range: - Printer Servers IP: 3) Now run the 'User install' to install the Printer Server Driver (You must have installed a printer first!). 4) Try to print out something. You should be able to print now. 5) To switch over to wireless operation: Power off the WPS54GU2. Disconnect the (wired) Ethernet cable. Wait approximately 30 sec - 1 min. 6) After waited about 1 minute, power on the Printer Server (This will set the Printer Server from LAN to WLAN). Don't touch the reset button. 7) Restart your router and PC. 8) You should be able to print wireless now. 9) Use the web-based utility to set all the settings of the WPS54GU2 (In my case: open the internet explorer browser and type -> IP adress of the Printer Server). 10) Reset all you firewall and encryption settings. Also set the encryption for the WPS54GU2 (via web-based interface). WARNING: THIS MUST BE THE SAME ENCRYPTION AS YOUR ROUTER!!!
Posted: 23:43 01 Jan 05 #2
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thnx for the post, i have been having problems integrating it into my network. one question i have is, since i have more then one pc on my network, so do i just install the printer drivers on the one pc for the initial setup of the wireless configuration. after the wireless print server is setup properly, and i print a test page and everything works, do i add the printer on each additional pc as a networked printer and search for it that way, or do i have to install the printers drivers on each pc first, and the link it to the wireless print server?
Posted: 22:03 13 Sep 06 #3
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OK. This was very good advice, and after several trial and error phases I found another way that worked for me. So here it goes:

*NOTE: use this information at your own risk. I am not liable for any security breaches/issues that develop from this information.

1) DISABLE all security/firewall/antivirus from your router/computer including WEP.
2) Connect printer to your machine and make sure everything works - as in, a wired connection.
3) Do the Quick Installation
4) assign a static IP - for the printer
5) now access the print server via server name (listed on the bottom of the product)
6) you will see two ports - P1, P2 - so the path will be \\SERVERNAME\P1 & P2
7) use "add printer" and browse for these using the path
8) it will prompt for a driver, select "Have Disk"
9) you will have to navigate your printer driver CD and find the correct driver - usually stored in a directory called "W9x" or "W2000" or "WXP", based on your operating system.

10) Run a test page and it should work flawlessly.

11)access your PRINT SERVER by IP address (the default is "admin") and give it the same SSID/WEP security that your wireless router used to have (before you turned off security).

12) turn your ROUTER security back on - you will be momentiarly disconnected.

13) When you connect back on to your router turn off everything - I mean EVERYTHING, the router, print server, and your computer, and printer - then remove the RJ45 (ethernet) cable between the print server and the router.

14) turn on the devices in this order: printER, print SERVER,wirelss router, and then your computer. IMPORTANT NOTE: when your wireless router and wireless print server has the same SSID/WEP security info, the wireless print server will access the wireless router and will assign it the static IP you gave it during setup.

15) now go back to "add printer" and browse for the printer using the SSID \\[SSID]\P1 or P2

16) print a test page.

17) map each computer to the printer \\[SSID]\P1 or P2


If you have any questions let me know.

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