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  • by Anonymous
  • Saturday, 18 July 2015


在这个看脸的时代,然而颜值决定一切。是的,谁叫此表颜值这么高,长这么好看,果断入手!更关键是价格相比其他地方有优势,XD 就是计步等功能而言,精准度也还不错(前几天固件更新加入了游泳侦测,不过还没试)

  • by Anonymous
  • Friday, 3 July 2015

Buy one

At last a fitness device that looks good. Battery life is excellent and sleep tracking is good and automatic. Needs a few updates e.g. If you take it off it assumes you are asleep.

  • by Anonymous
  • Monday, 27 April 2015

Withings Activite

Great watch, does everything I need in a watch and a health / step monitor. Very comfortable for 24 hour wear. Luminous hands and a date might be a nice addition in the next edition.

  • by Karo
  • Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Just not good enough at the moment

I have been using activity trackers for more than 2 years now (Jawbone up / Fitbit flex), and I bought the Activite because I wanted to have a tracker that did not look out of place when worn with a suit: I do a lot of my steps during my working day, walking everywhere. I use the tracker with the IOS app on my phone. The app is limited: You can not set a sleep target – 8 hours sleep is baked in by default. You can set only one alarm: it is impossible to set a different time for wake up alarm for the week and the weekend There are a few known bugs: If you close the app completely and restart it, it will sync again and does no longer recognize how many steps had already been counted, thus counting steps twice. The same happens when you have the app installed on two devices: if I sync at one stage during the day via my phone, and later via my tablet the steps that had been synced will be synced a second time – giving an inflated step count. The tracker itself I am still wearing my Fitbit as well, because the tracker does not count all my steps: The activite counts steps based on you swinging your arms, rather than the shock generated by every step. As a result steps will not be counted if I carry something in my hand (and you will be surprised how often you are carrying stuff around while doing domestic tasks or just carrying a hand bag), or when I have my arm protecting my laptop bag when walking with the bag over my shoulder. I am missing out every day on somewhere between 2000 and 4000 steps for that reason. I moved the Activite to my dominant had because that improved the step count slightly. Customer support Customer support has been good: they are quick to reply and honest about the limitations of the product. Quite a few of the issues that I am documenting here can be solved through software updates. Let’s see what the next version of the software brings.

  • by Anonymous
  • Sunday, 30 August 2015

Great product

Elegant and does exactly what Withings claim it will do. Really like it: activity tracker with a very stable interface with my phone and a lovely watch.

  • by Anonymous
  • Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Love it!!

I bought this watch to match up with my scales. Absolutely love it. Simply to use, great alarm system & easy to change bands. And best of all it just looks like a nice, normal watch.

  • by Anonymous
  • Saturday, 11 July 2015

Love it

I did my research on this watch so I know its limitations but it is all I needed - a "smarter" watch without the bells and whistles on the surface so it maintains the classy look but still able to track basic stuff like steps and sleep, both of which I've found to be quite accurate. Absolutely love it. Worth the price (for me) to pay extra dollars for the Swiss made and leather straps.

  • by Anonymous
  • Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Withings Activite watch and activity tracker

If you want an activity tracker that also is an exceptionally good-looking real Swiss watch, this is it. Steps are measured on a small inside dial (like a seconds dial), as a percentage of your daily goal. (As this is an unconfigurable 10,000 steps at the moment, it is in fact in 1,000 step increments.) This is obviously not a precise digital read-out--you get than when you sync with your phone--but good enough to keep you informed during the day, and available at a glance. To record your sleep, you just wear it to bed--no buttons to press, and nothing to turn on or off. The watch syncs easily with the excellent Withings app on your smart phone. Unlike the Withings Pulse, it does not record pulse, altitude or O2, but I've never found the last two very useful. On the other hand, it does have an alarm. There is an easily interchangeable silicon band for wearing while playing sports or swimming. Cons: Pretty expensive; no second hand; no date indicator.

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